Free Courses to Learn Freelancing by Government of Pakistan

Free Courses to Learn Freelancing by Government of Pakistan

Brief Introduction of DigiSkills Program

A golden opportunity for Pakistani youth in which members can do freelancing courses for FREE of cost. This program is government-backed initiative that aims to train 1 million freelancers in Pakistan.

گورنمنٹ کی جانب سے فری کورس کریں اور گھر بیٹھے روزگار کمائیں ۔ یہ پروگرام آن لائن کورسز پر مشتمل ہوگا، اور ہر پاکستانی ان کورسز میں داخلہ لے سکتا ہے وہ بھی بالکل مفت-

ہر فرد کو دو مضامین منتخب کرنا پڑے گا، جن میں سے ایک فری لانسنگ ہوگا جس معں فری لانسنگ کرنے بارے بتایا جاءے گا ، جبکہ دوسرا مندرجہ ذیل سے منتخب کیا جاسکتا ہے

Every member will have to take two courses, one of them is “freelancing”, while the other could be selected from the following list:

Creative Writing
Graphics Design
E-Commerce Management
Digital Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How to Register for Free Course

To register for this free course you need to register at DigiSkills website. Pick any suitable course from the list and start offering freelancing services to the world..

Who Could Join DigiSkills Program

Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer can join this course. Whether you are a student, a housewife, a professional or a job seeker, you just have to have a basic knowledge of Computer and Internet and that is it, you could join this course to enhance your skill-set.

The basic idea of this course is to open doors for anyone who want to earn online while living in Pakistan. These programs should be increased in numbers to cover different type of businesses however this is one good initiative by the Government of Pakistan and Digiskills



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Ye sirf university students k liye he?


koi b isey join kr skta he, registration k liye is link pe visit krein