Grid view of gallery for home decoration

10 Modern Home Decoration Ideas

Indoors Plants

Adding a few unique natural indoors plants is a good idea.


Layered Shelves

Installing layered shelves is known to be one of the best decoration idea.

Layered shelves for room decoration

Paint Furniture

If you couldn’t paint the walls of your room then painting your furniture can be a good option. Painting a furniture would give your room a fresh look. 

Fabric Boxes

We mostly have an overflow knick knacks that we want to hide. You can place fabric boxes to place these overflows.

Patterned Carpet

A patterned carpet under then feet can play a neutral furniture role.

Sheer Curtains

To get maximum natural light you can replace heavy fabric curtains with sheer curtains.

Horizontal Flaps

You may have seen vertical flaps installed at your friends house however changing the direction of flaps can also be a good idea of decent look.

Balanced Colors

Color combination is a huge topic to cover. You can place one prominent furniture element while keeping the rest of the elements light.


A grid view of gallery can also be a good idea to decor room or hall.

Grid view of gallery for home decoration

Black and White Color Combination

The modern room also uses black and white color combination with modest lights.

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Thanks for great ideas! Modern design is one of the best ways to increase the value of the house.


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